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Hello (:

I create traditional drawings for the most part, however I like to combine them with digital color and whatever can be used in a digital painting sofware. My favourite subjects are extraterrestrial or fantastic life forms and creatures of all sorts.

Feel free to leave a comment, I like to hear what you think. Ask me if you have questions and be sure to let me know how I can improve my work in case you have suggestions. I love feedback :happy:

Thank you for your visit!


Pencil drawing + processing in Photoshop CS6.

The [Karytar] live in the deep oceans of a planet called Yr'tapia. It was a beautiful place and peaceful life until the first explorers dared to crawl ashore. They were prepared for the air they could not breathe, the arid soil and the lack of cool, calming water. It was unpleasant to overcome the hights of the mountains and frightening to see the vast lands of the plains. But the most terrifying aspect of the whole exploration were the others. From that time on the Karytar knew they are not alone.

Here is a digital version of a Karytar I did about a year ago. The design changed a bit and will certainly change again. The body looks like that of a snake if you can't guess (:
Hey, is anyone experiencing issues with the gallery? Some of my deviations do not show under "All". Even if they are shown in the subfolders.. Also it seams to be a problem with the web version only. Can someone help me out?
Process of 'Lizard-like'
Finally done :happybounce:
This describes the digital processing of Lizard-like in Photoshop CS6.

I'm not sure if you can make any use of it, but at least I had fun with the making. Also how I did the processing of this drawing is just one way of doing it. I bet there are easier ways or maybe more efficient ones^^' Anyway, if it was helpful and/or interesting, let me know (:
Hey everyone (: I hope you all had a good start into the new year!

The lizard-dude is a pencil drawing made on A3 smooth paper. The colors and the texture are digital :3
Thanks again to the owner of Wild Textures. You are awesome^^'.

Would you be intersted in the process of such a drawings? The focus would be on the digital editing.


Edit: The process of this drawing is here.


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